Towelroot Apk Download Latest V4 & V5 For Android Device

Towelroot is the small one click rooting tool for Android platforms. It is designed by Geohot to allow the android users to root their device and have root access to system files with just one click. Get the compatible and latest version of Towelroot APK online to root your device in matter of seconds.

Towelroot Apk Download Latest Versions For Android:


towelroot apk

Towelroot is the best one-click rooting tool designed specifically for Android devices. It is a small rooting tool which can root your Android device in matter of seconds. You simply need to download the Towelroot APK on your device and click the “Root” button to start the rooting process and the entire process hardly takes few seconds to get completed. There is no interference of PC or Laptop to root your device as it works solely to root your device in just few seconds. This rooting tool supports a variety of Android versions that are available in market today and you can remarkably root the device without hampering the data present on our device.

The Towelroot Apk Prime Highlights of The Rooting Application

  • Towelroot APK supports almost all the versions of Android and allows you to root your device with just a single click. It is easy to use and comes with user friendly interface.
  • Towelroot App is very small rooting tool which consume very less memory of your device and it still works efficiently to root your device
  • Works Offline – The rooting tool works without internet connectivity. You don’t need to have active internet connection to root your Android device with this application. You only need internet connection to download the APK from third party site online and to download SuperSU App from Play Store, especially if Towelroot App in not getting installed on your device.

Important Points to Remember Before Rooting with Towelroot APK

  • Before you start rooting your device with Towelroot APK, you need to understand that rooting will void the warranty provide to your device by manufacturer. So, think before root your device with this rooting tool
  • The developers of Towelroot will not be responsible if any issue occurs to your device after rooting as the warranty will void after rooting the device
  • If the rooting tool doesn’t work on your Android device try to install it again or try other one click rooting tool available online

How to Download Towelroot APK on Android Device?

Towelroot APK for android is not available on Google Play Store and hence you are required to download the APK from third party site on your Android device. But, to accept downloading and files from third party sites on your Android device you need to enable the “Unknown Sources” from the settings of your device.

  • Now you need to go to  and download the Towelroot APK file from the website
  • Navigate to the location where you have stored the downloaded APK file
  • Extract the .exe file and click on “Install” button to start installation
  • Now you need to wait till the installation is over

How to Install Towelroot Apk File for Android:

After downloading the Towelroot Apk Download on your device you will need to install the downloaded Apk file safely in your Smartphone in order Ready to use. So, you can install the Towelroot app successfully following some of this few steps:

  • Go to your device “Settings” and open the “Security” option on your phone.
  • Now you will find the Option “Device administrator” under the “Security” option.
  • Under this “Device administrator” you will find “Unknown Sources” Option.
  • Empower the “Obscure Sources” by turning it ON.
  • After that you get back to downoaded apk file run to insatll
  • You got install option then click on install button and start the installing process


So, you are aware by now I hope regarding Towelroot Apk which is the most comprehensive app for rooting your Android device almost at any time. So, you can also prefer to some similar apps like Kingroot for your rooting purpose which also works amazingly in rooting.

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