FireStarter APK Download V4.0 for Android Device

FireStarter is the innovative non-root launcher specifically designed for Amazon Fire TV. At times, people encounter issues while side-loading applications on their Fire TV App and this is where the FireStarter APK comes into the limelight to deal with such issues efficiently. The APK is the best alternative launcher which is considered to be the powerful Fire TV home screen replacement designed to make things easier while launching side-loaded applications.

FireStarter APK Download for Android Device:


Amazon has already blocked their FireStarter APK and launched the latest version or replacement of it in the name of AppStarter APK. FireStarter comes with many amazing built-in features to make tasks easier and faster for users. The application provides you with the complete list of user-installed applications including the ADB installed apps and side-loads. It authorizes the users to sort and organize the apps simply by using the settings button of the app or click drag and drop option.

Description: Now you are no longer required to struggle with the issues of side loading apps on Fire TV as FireStarter APK has been launched to deal with such issues on your Fire TV. It is the alternative launcher that simplifies the launching side-loaded apps.

Features of FireStarter APK:

  • Real time home button clicks detection
  • Starts Kodi with double click and FireStarter with single click
  • It starts itself on Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Startup and starts simply with the home button and it starts Amazon when home button is clicked twice
  • It offers configurable actions for startups
  • It lists all the user-installed applications including the ADB installed apps and side-loaded apps
  • You can organize all the apps simply with click-drag-and-drop option
  • You can hide the applications from app drawer
  • Comes with auto update mechanism
  • It allows export and import of apps through settings
  • No rooted device require for installation

Installation of FireStarter APK:


To download and install FireStarter APK file on your Fire TV (Box/Stick) you need to follow certain steps. But, before you proceed to download and install the application you have to ensure that you have Enabled ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources and to this, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Enable ABD Debugging and Application from Unknown Sources from the Settings, System and Developers options
  • Now start downloading the ES Explorer File Manager to Fire TV
  • Now Add the path Click Here to downlaod and enter the file name as Fire
  • Now tap the zip file and start extracting the materials inside the zip file
  • After extracting the zip file to get the FireStarter APK, you need to click the install button
  • Now you have to follow the instructions to download the file and complete the installation
  • For default, KODI installation need to update the APK with the latest version

Crucial Facts of FireStarter APK:

  • Amazon has blocked the FireStarter already and launched the latest version and the name has been replaced with AppStarter Launcher
  • The name of the package is de.belu.AppStarter, the name has been changed to prevent the blacklisting from Amazon
  • The latest version of FireStarter APK is V4.0

Amazon has blacklisted the FireStarter earlier due to its features. The latest version of FireStarter two features have been removed which is suspected to cause the APK to get blacklisted from Amazon. The latest version of FireStarter APK don’t have any home button detection and it will not be launched itself anymore. The latest version of the application is believed to offer its users with an excellent possibility to display all user installed apps. It also comes with built-in Updater for KODI and SMPC that enables the users to keep these two applications up-to-date. The advanced version allows double home button click capture and has new Graphical User Interface and additional details and features. It has configurable actions and helps users to hide the installed apps from the app drawer.


Overall, FireStarter APK Download is the must-have application for your Fire TV. Although it was once blacklisted by Amazon for its malfunctioning features, but the advanced version has some of the amazing features that can enhance your overall experience with Fire TV and Stick.

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